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Java Software Engineer

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Should I apply?

Yes!! If you are a developer at heart, looking to improve and be challenged, feel comfortable with OOP (dotnet, java) and/or Single Page Application Frameworks (e.g.: Angular, React+Redux), SQL Engines (SQL Server, Postgree, Oracle), Document Based DB’s and you are proficient in English both written and spoken we want to hear from you.

The good stuff

  • This role is based in either Porto or Aveiro, great cities in the Portuguese coast, perfect for outdoor activities, but above all both cities welcome everyone with arms wide open.
  • We are a remote first company, but believe it's important to have the onboarding and frequent face to face interactions so the bonding happens.
  • We offer extremely competitive salaries.
  • Concrete career progression opportunities.
  • In our offices we provide: brand new monitors, high spec computer, coffee, tea and fruit.
  • Resharper/Intellij, Visual Studio Subscription are a few examples of the tools we offer when you join.
  • We provide a Pluralsight subscription alongside training sessions both onsite and offsite.
  • Flexible Working hours.
  • Parties and gatherings throughout the year.

Why you should pick us

Craft is in our name, our ability to turn software into a craft is our objective. Like a carpenter, we believe our Skill and Expertise capability increases with Challenge.

We want you to grow and thrive based on the challenge that our customers bring and the expertise that we share as a team and that we constantly aim to bring into what we do.

We love software development and we believe you should too! Concepts like Object Oriented Programming (OOP), SOLID Principles, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Agile Principles should be something you embrace. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and Functional programming is something that also helps us execute.

Our expertise is driven by Innovation:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deploy
  • Cloud Services
  • Search Engines
  • NoSQL
  • OOP ( dotnet core/ java / python(django) / Go )
  • Angular, CSS, HTML
  • Distributed Message Queuing
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Machine learning
  • Containers

We implement and develop on these concepts daily, which you will have a chance to work on. But we won’t stop here, our constant growth drives our innovation and we are always looking for our next big challenge.

We enjoy agile as a framework and we feel it is great to help us deliver valuable functionality. Be it with SCRUM and/or Kanban boards it has been helping us translating business needs into features with success.

Why our customers prefer us

We believe that commitment, teamplay and challenge are our biggest pillars to sustain our skill and experience.

We commit to the best outcome, this requires attention to detail, constant communication with our partners and above all pride in what we do, this is the driver that knows where he wants to go. Teamplay is the main motor of any company, without it software would not exist nor thrive, we believe just like in an ordinary sport we make everyone better by playing as a team, our drive as a company is to enable that spirit in every team. Challenge is the fuel, without an objective or a goal the journey is less focused and enjoyable, our craft develops with the challenge.

We also feel that it is important to enjoy ourselves while doing all of this. We promote a relaxed environment and encourage interaction and knowledge transfer between our team members. We try to not take ourselves too seriously but rather enjoy the ride.

Our craft reflects who we are

craftable software specializes in systems that require quality, reliability and scalability in a highly transactional environment. We rely on our craft and drive to solve these problems, while enjoying the journey. Our mission is to improve every system; functionality; task; with passion, care, skill and experience, because we truly believe that quality requires craft.

Our current list of customers, among others, includes: the biggest company in the food industry in the Iberian Peninsula; the biggest cruise retailer in the United Kingdom; a next generation cloud communication company in the United Kingdom; the biggest property management systems in France, UK and a disruptive force in the world market.